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consumer\'s world; costume jewelry: a buyer\'s guide

by:Merryshine     2019-12-22
Leonard slonev
1990 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Costume jewelry has always been the most popular gift for Valentine\'s Day and is more popular this year than ever before.
Fashion has enacted earrings to brush shoulders, huge cuff bracelets and fake pearls, as Barbara Bush wears, and retailers report strong sales this season.
But cautious shoppers should be careful to cross the ocean of gadgets and beads. The better-
Well-known manufacturers offer better quality.
On the other hand, the \"gold\" that falls off the nails is paint, the \"crystal\" is broken on the touch glass, and the quality is not very good.
Pieces are usually good costume jewelry with imagination, Stones may be artificial or semi-precious stones, metal may be the foundation, but these pieces are usually as imaginative as fine jewelry.
If you want the look of gold, make sure the metal is plated in gold.
During this process, the gold solution is electrolytic melted onto the substrate to allow the jewelry to obtain the desired color.
A similar process has been adopted for plated silver jewelry.
Very long plating finish
Lasting in normal use.
The price range is as large as any consumer product.
While most apparel jewelry is sold between $10 and $25, the price could rise above $1,000.
AD earrings are the most popular items, with necklaces and pins arranged in order.
This time of yearthe third-
After Christmas and Mother\'s Day, the biggest sales period of clothing jewelry --
There are many special designs in the store, such as hearts and cherubs.
At present, the advertising in the clothing and jewelry industry is very strong;
\"Designers are interested in this,\" said Roger Golin, vice president of Saks Fifth Avenue . \". $3.
8 billion in sales, Stanley Wachtenheim, vice president of Stanley Overseas, a stone importer for apparel jewellery manufacturers, said, \"This is a dedicated market . \".
\"After Valentine\'s Day, the store will write it down and sell it.
Most retailers and manufacturers now refer to clothing jewelry as \"fashion jewelry \".
It sells whatever it is called.
Last year, U. S. retailers sold about $3.
Worth £ 8 billion through stores, direct sales and mail orders. One-
The third is imported from other countries, with South Korea and Taiwan at the top.
The Commerce Department expects sales to grow 2% this year, and imports from more than 600 U. S. manufacturers have grown faster than production.
Those at the end of the business \"better\" use the word \"bridge jewelry\" to describe items that bridge the gap between lower-cost clothing jewelry and expensive boutique jewelry.
Prices in this category range from $100 to $400.
\"It\'s more about materials that make bridges, not about price points,\" said Lori pocelo, vice president of departments at Bergdorf Goodman . \".
Including sterling silver, sand and semi-precious stones.
\"According to Deborah Rudinsky, department sales manager at Henry Dongge Associates, the New York purchasing office, the brands to consider when buying clothing Pearl include Monet and Owen Pearl, classic gold or custom look, retro design of Lee and F. christian DiorW.
Crafted in the appearance of bijoux, Lambert and Ciner.
The most commonly used semi-precious stones in ancient jewelry are Agate, Jade, purple crystal, onyx agate and ramen.
Fake stones are usually made of plastic or paste.
Artificial diamonds are one of the most popular man-made stones made of Austrian crystals or glass.
Kenneth Jay Lane, the main designer of costume jewelry, offers many fake pearls. \'Real-
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Buyers seem to want real
\"Look at things,\" he said . \"
\"The value of many of my jewelry has risen and is sold in antique stores.
His pearl is a glass base, immersed in a solution of pearl essence called synthetic pearl, and then polished by hand to make it rainbow-colored. James A.
The president of the crystal brand Jewelry Group, including Monet and Trifari, Northrop attributed the popularity of fake pearls to the \"impact\" of Barbara Bush\'s three pearls \".
\"Another major new trend is the impact of ecology.
Materials used to make jewelry usually simulate products derived from animals, such as ivory.
The design of the diamond Lee Rand Lee has created a large amount of jewelry and ecological bending.
The main designer of bridge jewelry is Robert Lee Morris, whose silver and brass pendants are popular products of the season.
Most of the designs on the pendant are symbols: heart shape, fertility goddess, etc.
Morris jewelry is sold in more than 100 specialty stores across the country, in three of his stores in New York, on a dedicated line by Donna Callan\'s Robert Lee Morris.
Looking at the golden paint \"the only thing that needs attention, Sir
Morris warned jewelry shoppers, \"it\'s gold paint compared to plating.
The paint looks like paint and you can scrape it off with your fingers.
\"Although clothing jewelry is an important gift
Three of all sales are for those who will use their own jewelry.
Clothing jewelry allows women to spend little money to make more clothes.
Natasha Hammam of the related goods sales company said that when customers create their own appearance with clothing jewelry, \"This is a unique and special appearance.
\"Comfortable stones, close knot experts provide the following tips for purchasing clothing jewelry: make sure that any stone is fixed on the tip rather than stuck to the background;
Stones that are not well-glued can easily be knocked off.
The ad is looking for a knotted hand on a chain holding a simulated pearl;
The knot holds each pearl in place.
The secure closure of the snap closure is better than the open hook of the fixed necklace.
Do not spray perfume or hair gel on clothing jewelry;
The alcohol in it may damage the plating or change its color;
The powder may also damage the paint.
A version of this article was printed on page 1001035 of the National edition on February 3, 1990 with the title: The world of consumers;
Clothing jewelry: Buyer\'s Guide.
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