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claire\'s recalls makeup products after reports of asbestos

by:Merryshine     2019-12-16
Claire\'s, a jewelry and cosmetics retailer, is pulling nine products out of stores in Area B. C.
Throughout North America, asbestos has been reported in some eye shadows, lip gloss and cosmetics.
The products were removed from the store in December.
A spokesman for Health Canada said.
In an email to Postmedia, Eric Morrissette said: \"Health Canada is aware of reports of asbestos found in various cosmetics provided by Claire . \".
\"Health Canada contacted Claire\'s, which has confirmed the sale of the same cosmetics in Canada.
\"Health Canada therefore requires the company to provide test data to demonstrate that cosmetics sold in Canada meet the requirements.
Claire\'s house in Illinois
The chain, which mainly sells cosmetics and jewelry to girls and teenagers, withdrew the products after Rhode Island television NBC affiliate WJAR, broadcast with a woman working in a law firm specializing in asbestos cases.
Kristina Warner sent her six letters. year-
She said that the old daughter made up in several laboratories and found traces of asbestos.
Toxic fibers exposed to asbestos can lead to lung cancer and dermatitis between them.
\"In the work we do, we have met contaminated cosmetics, but you just think that children\'s products are safe,\" Warner said . \".
A total of 17 samples were shown to be positive, she said.
Claire told the Post Friday afternoon that the results of a survey conducted by an independent laboratory were negative.
\"Preliminary Results tested by an independent certified laboratory indicate that the cosmetics tested so far are asbestos-
Claire said in an email: \"free.
\"Additional testing is under way for very careful consideration.
\"We also confirm that the supply of talcum components comes from certified asbestos --
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For any customer who is still uncomfortable, we will continue to deliver the rewards.
The cosmetics regulations of the Canadian Food and Drug Act provide that \"no one shall sell any cosmetics that may cause harm to the health of the user.
\"Earlier this week Claire posted a statement on Facebook and Twitter to let customers know they can return a refund. Chicago-
Claire\'s based company lists nine products removed from the store: Dazzling rainbow heart makeup set metal Hot Pink Glitter 48-
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