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choosing diamond jewelry with subtle charm and style

by:Merryshine     2019-10-28
Everyone has heard the old saying \"diamond is the best friend of the girl.Marilyn Monroe sang a song for it and appeared in many print ads for diamond jewelry with the same spell.However, there are two problems with this statement.
First of all, it is not grammatically correct.\"Diamond is the best friend of the girl.\"However, for those of us who are old enough to remember Marilyn Monroe, it is hard to imagine that she will sing the right song.We asked her to discuss the sentence structure on this issue.
The second problem is that not every piece of diamond jewelry is a girl\'s best friend.You can\'t imagine your elegant grandmother going out in diamond for a big dinner on her golden wedding anniversaryDingTalk cross necklaceOf course, you did not encounter the phenomenon of \"bling\" in the Marilyn era.Once again, singing \"some diamonds are the girl\'s best friend\" sounds worse than the version with the correct grammar.
We have to forgive her for her oversimplification again.It must be like this.However, we can\'t be too simplistic when we choose diamond jewelry.We need to be very picky in order to determine the perfect style of diamond jewelry.
What most women want will not blind everyone who looks in their direction.They want jewelry with subtle charm and style.14K Gold 2.00ct diamond circle earrings a pair of wise circle earrings is a \"must\" for every woman\'s jewelry box \".
They are a great, simple accessory for almost every occasion.Nevertheless, some occasions require something more exciting than simple \"great\" and \"simple.You need \"incredible\" and \"glorious\" jewelry for a special night.
This pair of diamond earrings is a classic style.You can still have the subtle charm of a simple ring earring, but add 2 charm.High value 00ctBrilliant Diamonds.Each of these earrings has 55 full-cut round 1.
6mm diamonds placed in the bead setting.
This gives them a foreshadowing.
like effect.
The total weight of the diamond itself is 2 lbs.00ct, Sl2 clear-L1 with color HI.Experience the epitome of style and class with these diamond earrings.In the past few years, sterling silver men\'s black and white diamond ring jewelry has gained a bad reputation among men.
However, in addition to the simple four-A finger ring with your name on it, or a giant pendant with your favorite football team logo on it.Men\'s diamond jewelry has many handsome choices of exquisite, elegant and masculine temperament.This sterling silver black and white diamond ring will be the perfect gift for that special man in your life.
The details are executed very well and sterling silver gives it a delicate style.In the middle of the ring, you can find a large round black diamond single cut in the border setting.There are 17 separate white diamonds around the Black Diamond Center, shining brightly in the prong settings.
There are also 15 black diamonds running around white diamonds, also in the prong settings.All in all, the Black Diamond on this ring weighs about 0.38ct.The white diamond weighs about 0.12 ct.Show your loved one how much you care with this dazzling diamond ring.
Diamonds are no longer the best friends of girls!Sterling silver platinum plated/Platinum rhinestones and enamel colors choose flowers RingThe some diamond jewelry, designers can occasionally tend to overwork.They are very different from diamonds, just simply attach them, and such a piece of jewelry shows not your fashion sense, but your accumulation of wealth.Everyone who has a real knack for fashion knows that you don\'t always need to spend the most money on a piece of jewelry that looks great.
Sometimes they are brighter when diamonds are key items, not the main attraction.This wreath is a perfect example of how diamonds dazzle from the background.It has a platinum plated sterling silver pattern arranged in a floral pattern on the enamel background.
In the trivia, you can find 27 round-cut diamonds shining, showing life in this diamond.As for the background, you can choose Blue, Chocolate, pink, and even pearl white enamel.Show your low profile with this gorgeous wreath.
Remember that when you start your next adventure of buying jewelry, sometimes less jewelry does equal more.Look for diamond jewelry that reflects your personal style.When you can do this, you will find that some diamond jewelry can really be the best friend of the girl.
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