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black and white prom dresses

by:Merryshine     2019-12-19
A nice dress with cool accessories, hats, shoes, nail polish, lips
Sticks etc are many other things you have to study.
You can choose an elegant dress.
Something that looks fashionable on you.
You can choose the color and style that suits you best.
If you are confused about the color, you can choose something in black and white.
There are various styles of black and white prom dresses to choose from.
They can be long and give you an elegant look.
They can be short and give you a bold look.
Black and White, both colors are notable.
They caught the eye of the observer.
You are not being watched and talked about.
You must wear very fashionable shoes to match your clothes.
If you are wearing a black dress, the heels look fashionable.
If you wear a white ball dress, the low heel will make you look more perfect.
Tied shoes always look the best, no matter what you wear, you have to make up according to the look you want.
If you wear a black dress, a gentle makeup is fine.
In White, you can wear a little bright cosmetics.
It depends on how dramatic you want to bring to your appearance.
Dark lipstick will give you a dramatic effect.
You must use bright nail polish.
You can keep your hair-
Design style according to your personal taste.
Everyone is welcome to open their hair.
Hair: A small black and white dress usually covers very little on the shoulders and neck and requires a killer --
Highlight the area.
We recommend the classic French twist.
Depending on your personality and unique style, you can put the ends away or roll them up for more glitter. Make-
Up: Black has a tendency to draw color from the face, so a lot of Wells
For the right look, it is necessary to mix blush.
If you have dark eyes, the black color of your dress will draw them out, just a little mascara and shiny eye shadow.
If you have light-colored eyes, stretch your lashes with a few layers of mascara and apply a silver lavender shade.
Bright red lipstick looks charming and fun with a small black dress, but you can soften it a little with a dim rose color.
Be sure to apply enough gloss to get a damp gloss.
Shoes: wear a small black and white dress and you will want a high heel to pull the look of long legs.
For formal events like a dance party, try matching a small black dress with black sandals or strap shoes.
Silver evening shoes are also a good choice.
Accessories: a small black and white dress that only needs a small black wallet as an accompaniment.
Just make sure the wallet is big enough to accommodate all your essentials without bloating.
For jewelry, you can try adding a large number of diamond beads and bracelets.
You can add some rhinestones to your hairstyle, but for a more traditional prom dress you can keep the headwear.
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