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apple watch series 4 sees first discounted price, today at best buy

by:Merryshine     2019-12-05
It is reported that this gorgeous new Apple Watch Series 4 sold a lot.
So discount for nonexistent.
But today, as reported by 9to5 toys, Best Buy has an open
Box sales and the latest watches are available. Open-
According to Best Buy, Box refers to products returned under the company\'s return and exchange commitments. The conditions are very good.
Certified, excellent, satisfactory or fair.
By definition, these watches are not old as Series 4 is only listed for the first time on Friday, September 21
Less than three weeks ago!
Here is the head of the best purchase page.
Here is what is provided . . . . . . The deals highlighted in this article are chosen independently by contributors and do not contain affiliate links.
The Apple Watch Series 4 has two housing sizes, 40mm and 44mm with two housing materials, aluminum or stainless steel.
Finally, there are two connection options, GPS or GPS cell only.
Best Buy-
Everything in the box is a GPS phone.
The regular price starts at $499 of 40mm aluminum, $529 of 44mm aluminum, and the smaller $699
Case of stainless steel size 40mm.
Best Buy only has a 44 m stainless steel option and its space is black (
The coolest color option for a national mile)
The black Milan ring line is used as its strap.
That usually costs $849.
The following is a public price reduction offer from Best Buy-Box.
You can buy the smaller 40mm cases for $458.
Saved $40 instead of $499. 01.
There are golden aluminum and pink beach sports belts, space gray aluminum with black sports belts, silver aluminum with white sports belts, silver aluminum with Shell sports circles and space gray aluminum with black sports circles.
If you like a larger watch, the 44mm version costs $486.
Saved $42 instead of $529. 01.
The colors are as follows: Pink Beach Sports belt gold aluminum, black sports belt space gray aluminum, white sports belt silver aluminum, pink beach sports circle gold aluminum, silver Aluminum with space gray aluminum shell sports circle and black sports circle.
In other words, a watch of a larger size has two additional colors to choose from.
There is also the same $458 series 4 Nike version.
99 Price: 40mm space gray aluminum with non-smoking/black Nike sports circle, silver aluminum with pure platinum/black Nike sports circle.
In the larger size of 44mm, Nike has silver aluminum, summit white Nike sports ring, space gray aluminum, anthracite/black Nike sports ring.
These are $486.
The price without the Nike strap and watch surface is 99.
The stainless steel case has three stainless steel case watches in the open
Box sales of 40mm size.
There is only one gold stainless steel finish with a sports belt and a stone Sports belt.
It usually sells new products for $699, but cuts to $642.
99, $56 less. 01.
If you are taken away by the more expensive Milan ring belt and it is very beautiful, then you have two options in the case size of 40mm: stainless steel and space black stainless steel, the cycle of Milan is coloredmatched.
You usually buy these for $799, but they have $65.
The ticket says $734. 99.
Finally, there is also a space black stainless steel case where the space black Milan Ring Line is reduced from $44mm to $849 in the larger 780 housing size.
99. The price dropped by $68.
01, this is the biggest discount.
This is by far the easiest Apple Watch to buy, and if you have the color, size and strap you like, today\'s price is a great way to buy it for less.
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