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antiques and collecting: perfect marriage of fine silver and old glass; with seasoning came the cruet sets. richard edmonds traces their history from 18th century england.

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Signature: Richard Edmunds until the second half of the 17 th century, when foreign cuisine began to penetrate the UK, the British kept alock-
There is a strong bias against uncooked food and vegetables.
It is generally believed that their unwashed skin spreads plague, while mag worms and Caterpillars cause intestinal worms after humans are swallowed.
Medical research is advancing, however, and the benefits of fruits and vegetables for bad vy disease and other vitamin-deficient diseases soon emerge.
In 1699, John Evelyn published his famous book vinegar.
Evelyn believes that the use of herbs, vegetables and even edible flowers is a good addition to a meal.
Today, hevelyn\'s favorite seasoning is like a classic sauce --
The olive oil, vinegar, mustard powder and egg yolk puree of cooked eggs are all good.
When this substance is placed on the table in the bottle on the shelf, you can see that cruet set is beginning to be widely welcomed.
The earliest cruet stand was made of Arita with Japanese porcelain and painted with a glaze-specific \"imaries\" paletteblue, iron-Red and gold plated.
In later years, cruet bottles were also produced in China and exported to Europe and the UK, which began to reach about 1700.
But this is a silver cruet suit with sparkling glass bottles and a stopper, which has a lot to do with the perfect combination of silver and old glass.
The meal by candlelight was great.
One of Silver\'s earliest silverware, Silver Smith Anthony Neelum, who thrive around 1715, is called Warwick Cruet, because it belongs to count Warwick and consists of five silver castles, the basic cruet suit is usually made up of two silver
Bottles with oil and vinegar, and three decorative perforated casters for sugar, dried mustard powder and pepper.
Other manufacturers of early cruise lines included Paul klebyn, William Babe from Newcastle and Augustine kotaurd.
In the second quarter of the 18 th century, almost 70 per cent of these \"Warwick cruises\" carried the imprint of Samuel Wood.
During the 18 th century, trade with the Far East grew sharply.
Luxury goods entering British courts include a variety of new spices from India, China and Indonesia, as well as Western India and the Americas.
Pepper plants gave us peppers and peppers that can be used at the table according to cruet\'s requirements.
Because meat and fish served at the table tend to be far more than they sell, a lot of seasoned food is necessaryby date.
The 18th-century cold storage is primitive, consisting of ice cubes cut off from frozen lakes and ponds in winter, stored in ice houses of great property until needed.
The most popular new sauces imported from the east are soybeans made from fermented soybeans and tomato sauce originally made from the fish kyledine salt water.
Small cut glass bottles are made to contain these food additives and are often found today with miniature silver or Sheffield brand labels hanging around their necks --
If you come across one, they are delicious little things that mimic the big labels of wine and spirits.
From the 1770 micro decan water trap, made with a small engraved label engraved with the name of the contents, later appeared in green and blue glass with gold plating on the label.
These miniatures are not difficult to find, but they are not cheap, some of which are installed in small holes used on cruetframe when decanter is used.
Collectors are always looking for bottles and casters made of opaque white glass made of roses, tulips, lilies, honeysuckle and other flowers in London or Newcastle, in their 1760 s
They are painted with colored porcelain glaze and the front is engraved with the name of the content in black.
Josiah Wedgwood made cruet set with cream
Colorful pottery.
His 1774 catalogue shows an oil shell that includes two bottles of oil shells with plugs and a \"oil and vinegar bracket for two to six oil shells \".
Another interesting thing about the Wedgwood catalogue is that the prints were created by great artist William Black.
19 th century is our age. eating.
Everyone squeezed on the table and left
The next day, these huge 12-course dinners are served again as hash, rissoles, or fricassees, or are swallowed up by horrible, undigestible ingredients such as \"Wow --WowSauce\' (
This is probably the second use as a silver cleaner).
Other sauces include Mustafa sauce or liver sauce, military sauce and tomato sauce --Chow.
But so far cruet is in high demand, some of which are nickel-plated silver, while others are plated in British metal.
The catalogue of the new department store is advertised, and if you can\'t afford it but want to cut it a little short, you can always turn to cheaper molded glass bottles and casters, A ready-made market has been found in new hotels, restaurants and Gentleman clubs, all of which have become more and more fashionable.
In the 20 th century, cruet was divided into two different forms.
There is a frame for a simple oil bottle and vinegar bottle, as well as a stand or plate for salt, pepper and mustard.
I \'ve always loved seeing simple silver casters, adding pepper or dry mustard and salt to a small-footed oval dish with a blue glass lining
Protect silver.
During the 30 s, three of a variety
The cruet suit was made with a wide range of styles and themes.
Many pottery factories are involved in promoting this form of table decoration.
So you\'ll get cruet sets for sale in bayswick, Crown Devon, Carlton, sylvac, Sheli and Poole Pottery.
Advertising and advertising based on contemporary cartoon characters are especially worth collecting.
Depending on the situation, you should be able to give an example for a weight of about 10 lbs.
So the price of pottery from 18 th century silver to Art Deco is obviously as big as your wallet allows, but the joy these things bring to you goes without saying, with Christmas coming, I will say, if you want to give someone something that is particularly beautiful, on the upcoming NEC quesfair you will find a small 1930 s cruet stand perfect.
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David and the collection of antiques. CAPTION(S)
: Two silver cruet brackets provided by the London manufacturer, dated 1783. The blue-
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