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Anti Tarnish Jewelry Boxes

by:Merryshine     2019-10-21
If you already have silver jewelry for a while, you must notice how silver jewelry has been tarnished over time.Store the jewelry in the jewelry box, this is the oppositeTarnishing varieties is a great way to protect your precious property.The silver necklace and earrings set your grandmother gave you lost its luster over time and you\'re not quite sure how it lost its luster, though stored properly.
Well, every silver artifact you have will change color over time.This is a process of adding personality and beauty to silver ornaments.The natural bronze color on the jewelry can actually increase its value.
But if you have rust on your jewelry, then you may need to reconsider your storage options and buy a rust-proof jewelry boxLosing Luster in nature can be a solution you can see.If you own silver jewelry, then you need to make sure you store them in places that are not exposed to sunlight and heat.The space needs dark and dry, but also spacious space to have enough air circulation.
Humidity, naturally discharged sulfur, chemicals, oil, latex, hair color, cosmetics, perfumes can all cause discoloration of silver.So, you need to protect your jewelry from all of these factors.It is also important that you have enough space and not two pieces of jewelry are stored together.
This ensures that your jewelry will not be scratched or worn out in any way.While storing the jewelry, make sure that the jewelry is not stored in unlined paper, plastic wrap, cotton, cardboard or jewelry boxes.This is important because these materials may contain chemicals that may lose luster on your jewelry.
Choosing the anti-tarnish jewelry box is an option you should definitely consider.Most of these jewelry boxes are lined with chemical-coated anti-discoloration fabrics that protect the jewelry from the discoloration process.The problem, however, is that for most boxes, these chemicals evaporate over time.
Also from the lining, these chemicals are transferred to the jewelry and the jewelry is in contact with your body when the owner wears the jewelry.These chemicals can be harmful to you and it is very necessary to avoid this situation.That doesn\'t mean it\'s an option that you need to give up completely.
There are jewelry boxes on the market that are resistant to color change and are not coated with harmful chemicals.Instead, there are tiny silver particles in the fabric arranged in these boxes.In the long run, this silver content absorbs the sulfur gas that causes the jewelry to change color, thus protecting them.
If you use a handmade jewelry box, then you can protect your jewelry from discoloration by using a discolored absorbing cloth that can wrap or hold the jewelry inside.These need to be changed on a regular basis, though.You can also choose to use anti-color strips that are easily available on the market.
These stripes last for at least six months and need to be replaced later.Another option is to pack with silicone to reduce discoloration by absorbing moisture in the air.As a last resort, chalk is also effective in controlling humidity.
Even if you have a jewelry box with anti-discoloration properties, you should use one of the above methods as an additional protection measure.There are many different designs, sizes, colors and materials for these jewelry boxes.You can choose one that suits your purpose and fits your aesthetic taste to store your silver jewelry.
Keep in mind that while picking the box, you also want to make sure you pick out additional protection measures.After all, you don\'t want to end up with jewelry that is blackened by moisture and loses its beauty and shine
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