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a view from inside the 3d manufacturing movement

by:Merryshine     2019-11-05
You may have heard of 3D printing or additive manufacturing so far-
The process of adopting digital technology
Generate designs for objects and send them to 3D printers, built layer by layer using substances similar to ceramics, plastics, and metals.
It sounds a little like magic-
But it not only attracts the attention of DIY technology enthusiasts, but also the attention of venture capitalists and technology entrepreneurs eager to discover the next big event. Some (including me)
I have predicted that 3D printing will bring a new manufacturing renaissance in the United States, while others compare the 3D printing campaign with the computer enthusiast campaign, which eventually gives Apple and Microsoft, among others
But is it really possible for ordinary people to learn 3D manufacturing?
Or the best choice for rocket scientists and industrial designers?
New companies like shapeway and MakerBot Industries are betting on the former, who have started the process of creating the entire community around 3D manufacturing.
Shapeway held two games on Thursdayhour workshop (
3D printing design]
In the office of Venture Capital Co. United Square Venture Capital Co. in New York City, where a group of 20 people learned how to design and print a custom iPhone case, these enclosures can then be marketed on the shapeway website.
It turns out that the market value of my custom iPhone case is $30. 36 —
Roughly the amount you pay for a name.
Brand iPhone case for Apple store.
It turns out that it takes two hours to learn how to design, print and sell 3D objects, and a fairly standard technical library is required: macbook and external mouse, as well as the free shapeway account and the free Google SketchUp version.
A few hours before the scheduled start of the workshop, each participant received an email with the startup file.
As I found out later, this is equivalent to giving an almost-
Complete Hemingway\'s novel there, you have the opportunity to fill in the names of the main characters and make some adjustments to the cover, then sell the book to readers around the world with a slight markup.
The first step in getting your design ready for the market is to create a basic design concept in Google\'s free 3D modeling tool SketchUp.
Even if you\'re not a designer, the Google modeling feature is very intuitive --
At least once you get used to manipulating an object in a 3D space with your mouse.
While the idea of using 3D modeling tools is tempting, frankly, the prospect of designing objects from scratch is terrible.
This is where the startup file comes in handy as it already contains the exact specs of the iPhone case.
Finally, after customizing the case, you will need to export the design file to shapeway and add the model to your free online account.
Within minutes, my custom iPhone case was accepted on the shapeway website.
By changing the material used to print the enclosure, I have the option to increase or decrease the cost of the printed object.
Part of the cost of printing the case is (thankfully)
Included in the price of the Skillshare class.
At the moment, my items are listed as \"private items\", but with a few simple steps I can easily list the items for sale, and add some extra dollar custom \"Dominic\" iPhone 4S by selling white items
Of course millions.
The level and quality of the objects listed on the Shapeway website is continuing to grow.
Some have come up with how to print 3D dinosaurs for novel value, while others focus on printing 3D jewelry or practical objects for tech users.
Just like Etsy has encountered an undergraduate architecture course on Kickstarter.
Designing more than one basic shape can be frustrating for regular users.
To be frank, learn how to use Google SketchUp-
From a nondesigner —
Just as frustrating as opening Adobe Photoshop for the first time and looking forward to creating an art masterpiece.
However, there are signs that 3D manufacturing could be the next big thing.
In places like New York, the combination of technology, design, and art talent makes it easy to imagine trends in the DIY crowd.
It is very satisfying to know that you have done something, especially if you can get a little cash out of it.
As 3D printing becomes more democratized, the real craftsmen of the Internet age will be those who start designing objects in batches from scratch and then sell them online.
As the preview copy of the course reads, \"We are on the edge of the new normal, where each of us has customized our daily products.
\"Some of the items printed using a 3D printer are really special.
One day, it is even possible to print out the Stradivaris violin.
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