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5 luxury smart watches that look better than the apple watch

by:Merryshine     2019-12-05
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
Digital smartwatches may never reach the level of heir, but tech giant Apple)AAPL -Get Report)
After this lucrative market, I will do my best.
On Wednesday, Apple teamed up with the French luxury brand Hermès to launch an Apple Watch with a custom Hermès interface and a range of exquisite straps.
Starting in October, three different leather bands handmade by Hermes in France will be sold in select stores. 5.
Ensure the safety of a luxurious new watch, which also has Hermes\'s name engraved on the stainless steel watch shell of the Apple era --
It costs a lot of money to tell tech gadgets.
A 42mm-inch single Hermes leather strap will retail for $1,150 or $1,500 at a slightly more stylish price --
Part of the front band wrapped around the wrist.
The Apple tie was red in the first place.
In Hermes\'s view, this seems to solve a major complaint from the watch snob about the Apple Watch, which is that it is just a decoration.
High-tech gadgets that depreciate as soon as they are released.
Does Apple really crack the code to enter the luxury watch Field, will be strictly tested at the beginning of this holiday and enter 2016, because the famous Swiss watchmaker finally released their initial attempt to the technology.
Not as energetic as an Apple watch--
Many Swiss smartwatches, for example, do not send phone calls or SMS alerts ---
From the sexy newcomers, one thing is very clear: they maintain the spirit of a Swiss blind date, have smart technology and, while useful, still lag behind the design of craft and historical watches.
In the top five luxury smart experts who are about to fight the Apple Watch Hermes version, the street ranks from the lowest-
Highest price-priced. 5.
Mondaine Helvetica No. 1 smart watch price: $950 Mondaine, it seems to be a standard high in the initial case
End watch is Switzerland\'s first luxury smartwatch to go public earlier this year.
It has activity tracker, sleep monitoring tracker, Sleep Cycle Alert and activity alert.
All data measured and collected by the watch is collected and then sent to the phone or tablet via Bluetooth and downloadable apps.
User data can be backed up and stored in the cloud.
Compared to Apple Watches that require daily charging, this watch has more than two years of battery life. 4.
SmartwatchPrice: $995 (
Leather strap); $1,150 (
Strap with metal)Switzerland-
US-based watch maker Frederique Constant explains the properties of the Apple Watch on its website.
The company wrote: \"a quality product of longevity, made of fine material, made by hand, and added:\" There is no digital screen on the watch smart watch ---
Instead, the beautiful diamond cutting pointer on the watch dial simulates the display information.
\"In addition to the Pomp, the watch smart watches that are already on the market are very similar to Mondaine.
It also tracks sleep patterns and walking/running activities.
The alarm is in the form of a quick double-click through the built-in-
Unlike the slight vibration from the Apple Watch through the tactile engine, this is a speaker.
It is expected that the battery will be used for about 25 months. 3.
Tag Heer Carrera Wearable 01 price: the $1,400 Wearable 01 details are rare, a classic strategy for luxury companies to create buzz before the launch of new products.
As we all know, smart watches will be in Google (GOOG -Get Report)
With Intel (INTC -Get Report)
Hardware development.
In terms of design, it will be very similar to the low-key durability of Tag Heuer\'s popular Carreraline, as shown in the figure above.
It is expected to roll out in November. 2.
The price of the Bvlgari Diano magnesium smart watch is $4, which is scheduled to be released on 2016. The Diano magnesium smart watch contains aNear Field communication (NFC)
The chip that allows the owner to exchange information with the device with only a tap on the watch.
This means that, like the Apple Watch, it can be used to pay, start the car engine, and unlock the door. 1.
B55 connection price: $7,000 (estimated)
The owner of the connected Breitling B55 can use their phone to perform certain adjustments on the smartwatch, such as setting time, alerts, and display parameters.
The design of this watch is inspired by Breitling\'s long history of catering for pilots, which is similar to non-
Smart watch B50 editionfrom from the company.
However, it does not receive text messages or social media updates, nor does it monitor health statistics.
B55 internet is expected to be available sometime before the holiday.
The price of the titanium strap based on the b50 is about $6,000, and the Intelligent Technology of the b55 may raise the price to $7,000.
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