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3 tips for starting a music box collection in 2006

by:Merryshine     2019-11-08
For those who like to collect the inlaid Music Box, music jewelry box, ballet dancer music box, Antique Music Box (such as cylinder music box driven by CD, music cigarette box, etc) when it comes to finding the perfect box, there are a lot of things to look.
However, there are obvious features that make some music boxes stand out.
These are the materials, decorations and dates of the music box.
All the music boxes are different.
The type of material for a carousel music box, wooden music box, inlaid music box or antique music box helps to create its uniqueness.
For example, at the beginning of the 19 th century, music cigarette butts were made of cheap materials from precious metal families such as gold and silver.
There are also some music boxes made of brass, which were rare at the time.
Other music boxes, such as those of the nose smoke, are made of wood, horns, and turtles.
Wooden cigarette music box made of materials such as burrs oak and burrs walnut is very beautiful.
The boxes from amboyna wood, an island in the South China Sea, Amboyna Cay, are also very beautiful.
For collectors who like to collect wooden music boxes, finding a box made of these materials is a great asset to their collection.
Decorative music jewelry boxes, inlaid music jewelry boxes, children\'s jewelry boxes and other types of antique music jewelry boxes are decorated in different ways.
The type of decoration that music box collectors pursue is based on personal preferences.
Some music box collectors may like the music boxes of the early nineteenth century, as many covers are used for decoration.
For example, the covers of many music nose cigarette cases are made of miniature models painted on ivory.
For a music box collector, it would be a big prize to find one like this.
In the Music Box: Collector\'s Guide, David Talis suggested that \"the good artist to look for is Charles --
Claude delayer, who worked in France in the first half of the 19 th century.
A miniature model of his music nose cigarette case is equipped with a gold-plated copper frame and a diagonal glass. . .
If you\'re lucky, you\'ll find a musical cigarette holder with a lid decorated with miniature Italian mosaics.
They are the most skilled and less common.
If you are more fortunate, you will find a Swiss enamel miniatures on the lid.
\"Careful research, time and patience will most likely help a music box collector find a music box that they will fall in love.
The date of the music box when the Music Box Collector tries to evaluate the date of the music jewelry box, the inlaid music box, the ballet dancer music box, the carousel music box, they should look for something specific, and other antique music boxes.
Collectors must study its design carefully.
Author David Talis once again said, \"Of course strict rules cannot be established, but if the features of the design indicate a period, this is confirmed by the box type and the choice of music programs, A fairly accurate guess of the manufacturing date can be made.
Examples that collectors outlined by Tallis can see when trying to date a music box are as follows: laminated comb: 1796-
Segment comb of 1810 points and 1 group: 1796-
Segment comb in groups of 1820 points: 1810-
1820 segmented overall comb: The 1820 features to look for when evaluating the date of the music box include determining whether the cylinder is hollow or not wax.
This gives a music box a tone of metal, which means the box is 1820 earlier.
These are just a few examples that collectors can look.
If a collector wants to determine the date of a music box, Talis says, \"there is only one way to completely determine the year of manufacture.
If the box is silver, gold, English, it will have a logo that can be found in a priceless book by Frederick Bradbury called the guide to the origin of silver plates in Britain and Ireland.
This brochure shows all the signs from the main analytics office of mid-
16 th century.
Other books recommended by Tallis are James Henderson\'s silver collection for amateurs, W Henderson\'s logo on gold and silver plates
Chaffers in Tardy and international food court \".
Finally, Al Meekins, owner of The Collingsworth Meekins Music Box Company, New Jersey has this suggestion for the \"Stella\" or \"Mira\" boxes sought by those music box collectors.
\"Looking for a quality --
A machine that is not very worn and is in a recoverable state \".
In addition, the purchaser can check the craftsman\'s initials, which can be found on the top of the hat, on the tune card, or on the plaque on the music box.
Collecting antique music boxes, wooden jewelry boxes, music jewelry boxes and inlaid music boxes is the favorite of many collectors.
Of course, the right person can be found to start a music collection or add to an existing one.
Follow the above tips and start collecting today.
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